A Graphic Novel Project ..

 Feel free to check out the forums if you haven't already. We're hoping to release the first issue to print later this year!



Two New Pages!

Posted by Nathan on February 2, 2015

With the Holidays, Con Season and the wicked crazy North East weather finally settling down, I've now been able to update the comic with a couple more pages. Once Chapter one is complete, maybe a print version will be in the works? Enjoy! 


Post Con

Posted by Nathan on August 23, 2014

Heck of a a couple of weeks! Boston Comicon went great and we had a ton of fun. Jared and all my friends were incredibly helpful with everything and prints went out just enough to give me some ideas for the future. Another thing that has been on my mind recently: 



Boston ComicCon Day 1

Posted by Nathan on August 8, 2014

Check us out! We're at Boston ComicCon at D211. Tons of sights to see sand enjoy as well! jedi pooh is selling hard! 



New Pages!

Posted by Nathan on June 5, 2014

Just posted 3 more pages for Shadow Marshalls. Check them out! 


Going for It!

Posted by Nathan on May 7, 2014

After much searching we finally found a con to make our debut. You can find me and Jared at the Boston Comic Con Artist Alley! Just got the confirmation in today. We'll be sure to post our table number once it's been slated!